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Clifford Jackson, III, is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Right Touch Sports Management, Inc (RTSM). Jackson was an undrafted free agent Wide Receiver who earned a workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars out of the HBCU Edward Waters College (EWC) out of Jacksonville, Florida in 2004. Before that, in 2001 Jackson etched his name in the EWC Record Books as not only as one of the first members of the EWC returning football program after 34 years but, he was a standout Wide Receiver who became 7th All-Time in All-Purpose Yards in a single season (1,388),  and the Single Seasons Leader in receptions (79). Through 2001-2003 Jackson was a member of the EWC Track & Field team where in 2002 he became an All-American sprinter in the 4x400 Relay and 200 meters while also competing in 2 NAIA Track & Field National Championships in 2002 and 2003. After his playing days he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his personal business endeavors in both athletic training and in music. In 2007, he gave football one more chance by trying out with the Canadian Football League's (CFL) Saskatchewan RoughRiders but, that dream soon became short lived. Jackson returned back to school and, in 2009 he earned his Master’s degree in Sports Management from American Public Systems University in CharlesTown, WV. In 2012, he joined forces with business partner, CEO of Franchise Sports Agency, Elton Patterson as Vice President of Marketing and Player Recruitment. To Jackson's credit he has been successful at several business endeavors such as a professional music career as a National Recording Artist under the stage name "C-SQUARED" and as a Music Producer, starting an athletic training business for professional athletes, an artist/entertainment management firm for established music artist and comedians, an athletic clothing-line (Sports Threads), all while co-owning a car dealership, as well as a state of the art yoga & massage studio also with business partner Elton Patterson. Jackson believes that “with the years of experience he’s acquired enough knowledge as a player and as a contract advisor that he can assist athletes throughout their entire career.” He also says that “cultivating relationships with ALL clients and ALL of a clients’ immediate family are major parts in developing and molding the character of Right Touch's' clients.”


As a member of the RTSM team, clients will enjoy the benefit of an in-depth, personalized marketing plan.  Our marketing associates will assess the athlete’s positioning and implement a strategic marketing plan to build name brand recognition and maximize off the field revenue. Whether it is creating a lithograph for marketing purposes or securing the cover of the EA Sports Football cover. RTSM aggressively pursues marketing opportunities for every client.


RTSM has a history of securing, negotiating, and drafting marketing & endorsement agreements with companies such as:  Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Adidas, Sprint PCS, Panasonic, EA Sports, Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, Topps Trading Cards, Upper Deck, Dick’s Sporting Goods, E! Entertainment Television, FOX Sports, ESPN, TSN, Subway, PowerBar, Gatorade, McDonald's,  New Era Caps, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and many others.


                    CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS

Right Touch Sports Management has quietly established a history of successfully negotiating several contractual agreements for its clients. Our success in attaining these contracts on behalf of our athletes is a result of our careful preparation, experience and commitment to our clientele. We enter each negotiation armed with an invaluable accumulation of knowledge involving a particular team’s negotiating strategy. Throughout the years, RTSM has been able to develop an array of industry contacts with the respective Players’ Associations, front offices and coaching staffs, which have proven to be a tremendous benefit when trying to maximize an athlete’s compensation.

As with so many things in life, the ability to conduct successful negotiations comes down to four key ingredients: experience, knowledge, commitment and effective communication.

We apply a team concept to negotiations, which takes advantage of our collective experience in developing a strategy and executing it. In every case, however, the client plays an active role and has final approval of the actual goals and plan. The following is a flow chart of our normal procedure in negotiations


                     POST CAREER PLANNING

In today’s sports world earning potential is limited to a relatively short period of time.  As a result, RTSM encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities.

From the start, we work with our clients to assist in building relationships and business contacts that will help ease the transition from the playing field to the business arena. RTSM will continue to work with the client through retirement to ensure a productive and fulfilling secondary career.

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  • Communicate

  • Negotiate Contracts

  • Know the Markets

  • Protect the Brand

  • Build Key Relationships

  • Create Opportunities

  • Life Coaching

  • Professional Development

  • Develop Player Profile

  • Understand Collective Bargaining Rights

  • Project Team Needs

  • Performance Comparisons

  • Salary and Bonus Analysis

  • Finalize Strategic Plan

  • Former Professional Football Player

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